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Tu B’Shvat 2015

Happy Festival of Trees! I created this tree of life while working on the Margin project. The tree of life is what forms the root of our lives – the energy, the grounding, mother nature, nurture…I could go on and on. The winding road takes you about half way through the psycho spiritual Jewish journey of becoming an adult and part of a community. 

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Some pixies showed up


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Let there be light 1.8

I think this is some kind of statement about modern life.

Last night of lights. Farewell for another year.


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Let there be light 1.7


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Let there be light 1.6


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Let there be light 1.5


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Let there be light 1.4


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Let there be light 1.3


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let their be light 1.0

Candle Angel2

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holy days


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notes from a Purim talk

Puirim 1

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tu b’shevat: happy new year to the trees


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happy 2014

north star

click to enlarge

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Light people

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Last year I was traveling over the holidays and uploaded images from my sketchbook via my phone. A few made it into full color for this year. Yesterday and today’s are from that series. They have a whole new life in color. Enjoy!


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days of awesome: Rambo’s dilemma


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a peaceful and light filled holiday to y’all


Thank you for keeping up with my ramblings and reflections this year. I’m hoping my muse sends more inspiration in the coming year so I can continue to post many artistic delights. Have a wonderful holiday and peaceful New Year and may all your dreams begin to sprout and take form!WreathCard1

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green fire

Chanukah Green Fire

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lighting up the cafe


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