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I’ve been working on my freelance marketing business lately and haven’t had time to take my images from sketchbook to finished art. It feels like I am storing up all these bits of ideas which will someday make their way into a story.

This is a page of notes from a children’s book illustration conference I attended on Sunday. I picked up a few tips but it always comes back down to just doing the work…

Notes from SCBIW

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day dreams

Sometimes, when I am feeling low, I pick up my sketchbook and just follow wherever the pen wants to go. I’m seeing angels lately. It used to be mermaids.

They feel comforting. Maybe if I just keep letting them pop out, they’ll eventually let me know who they are.

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my new motto

I found this pillow today in the spare bedroom. It’s one of those rooms that no one goes into. My mother’s taste was strictly modernist so I don’t know where it came from. I think I will try follow its precepts though: live well, laugh often and love much.

It is so much better than living miserably, crying all the time and hating everything.

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the art of breakfast

Yum, Danny Gregory makes breakfast so creative! If someone did a video about my process, it would not be as interesting – lots of shots of me squinting at the computer and getting up to stretch when my back starts aching…

Gregory also produced a few short films about other illustrators. I love getting a peak inside someone else’s process. It’s so mysterious and life affirming.

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between two moments

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