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family resemblance


My mother, Marcelle, drew this in her later years. For most of her life, she claimed she could not draw. I am struck by the similarity of our quirky viewpoints. She spent most of her working years in the textile industry owning two businesses with my father. For the last 10 or so years of her life, she liked to draw in a primative fashion with felt markers. I have no idea what she was thinking while making this drawing. It is like a dream or puzzle to me, I can almost guess but remain baffled by the odd assortment of characters and stage setting.

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old fashioned tweets


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vinland fair mania

I have not been faithful to this blog for the last two days. I must admit to a double life. The Vinland Fair just called out for some documentation so I gave it my all and created a place to record thoughts, impressions and images:

I will be back soon when life calms down a bit.veggies2

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The fortress


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