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start at the start

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absolutely unknown

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two feet somewhere

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the great divide

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modern aviation

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in the middle of everything

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In the middle


Of what? The country, my life, my career. Or am I in the middle or at the end or maybe the beginning? Do any of us know? I bellyache about not knowing why. Why am I in Kansas after being a rabid New Yorker for close to 40 years? I wore it like a badge. Now I am in the middle of the country living on a gravel road working with a group of people I didn’t know existed till about 4 years ago. They were here. I wasn’t and now I am.

I am sitting on my couch looking out onto ice covered trees with a partial view of the 200 acres now called home. Not even a thought on the horizon in my loft under a sewing factory in Williamsburg. It was another world.

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  • @farnamstreet Not fulfilling my potential and not using my talents in the place were they will make the most impact. 1 year ago


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